spaceport; when, what?


OK, so I’ve just upgraded to version, and now I have spaceports.

Spaceports are upgraded warehouses. (If I’m reading the code right, which I might not be, you can do the upgrade at any time, but there’s no point until you start having storage facilities in space.) When you do the upgrade you lose all the warehouse storage. Buying spaceports doesn’t directly give you more storage but it makes your moon bases and cryostations store more. It also makes planet crackers store more uranium. By 0.85% of base capacity per spaceport in each case.

Spaceports cost a lot of starcharts – first is 100k, and in addition to the regular compounded 15% increase for each you buy (reduced by price-reduction metaphysics) the starchart-cost goes up by a further factor of 1.35 per spaceport (unaffected by price-reduction metaphysics). I think I wouldn’t start buying them until I am not feeling at all starchart-constrained. (Which is probably a bit too late. I don’t like feeling resource-constrained and tend not to start buying much of anything until they start feeling fairly cheap.)

They also cost a nontrivial amount of energy, which I guess means that energy-improvement things (energy challenge, Dark Novas) are a little more valuable now that spaceports are a thing.

So e.g. I just replaced 360 warehouses with 50 spaceports (some way into a relic run, fairly late game, 38K burned paragon, TT25, blah blah); the extra storage let me build an extra two chronospheres, elevators/outposts to the value of about 5% extra in unob production, three more markers, and a bit of extra housing. Net energy cost of about 1000 units. Net starchart cost on the order of 10^13 starcharts.

So far as I can tell, that’s the whole story: no other weird interactions.


Yes, I’m at TT31 and stumbled on these. I now have 120 spaceports. I may have irrationally been stockpiling starcharts because of the pain of gathering them mid game and or in challenges. I am not sure how many extra chronospheres or markers because I use a bunch of variable storage options and found these mid run. (I do 1-2 week runs) This current run I went overboard and bought 34 void rifts which is not normal for me.

AI Core

You are pretty much on spot here, great summary. It is a relatively endgame building that is intended as a starchart sinker and a storage space enabler for folks who are constrained buy everything else.

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