Mausoleums and Pacts?

Hi, I’m at TT23, and so I bought a Mausoleum, since it’s cheap and new (to me). So now I could by Pacts, which are also very cheap. The first problem is that they consume necrocorns, with an unintelligible price tag, for example:

Necrocorn consumption: -0.00(…)/day

Necrocorn deficit recovery per pyramid: 0.3%

Storage per pyramid: 0.05%

This means next to nothing to me, especially because my current production is displayed as +0.00(…)/day, so it’s not that easy to tell how the cost of a pact will impact my production.

The second problem is that I cannot find anything about Pacts and Mausoleums in the wiki. Am I looking wrong?

Should I buy pacts, or is it too early for that?

I should reset soon (well, I probably should have done it long ago), but I’m waiting to buy a new Dark Nova level or two before that.


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