lost in space - how do i get relics?

I have now arrived in the year 6220 (first round) and now need relics. I know the wiki entry https://wiki.kittensgame.com/en/general-information/resources/relic of course, but Leviathans do not appear because of the preconditions. I can’t refine them from 25 time crystals either.

Can someone please give me a hint what I can do to get ahead.


You can sacrifice unicorns and use their tears to build unicorn-theology buildings that generate/attract alicorns, sacrifice alicorns to get time crystals, and refine time crystals to get relics. (It looks to me as if you’ve already been doing this. You say “I can’t refine them from 25 time crystals either.” but I think that’s just because you don’t currently have 25 time crystals. You already have enough alicorns to get 25 time crystals by sacrificing them, though you might do better to wait until you’ve built more Utopias and Sunspires.)

That’s a rather slow way to get relics. Once you have a few hundred time crystals and at least 5 relics, you can build some Sunlifters (space, Helios; you’ve already got a couple), which generate antimatter very slowly, and then buy the Chronoforge workshop upgrade, and then “Combust TC” to move through time more quickly and so get antimatter faster. Once you’ve got a big pile of antimatter – you’ll need to buy some Confinement Chambers, which it looks like you’ve already started doing – you can use it to buy the Relic Station workshop upgrade, at which point your Space Beacons will start generating relics.

BUT! All of this will be significantly less painful if you have a substantial amount of paragon, which you don’t at present. Perhaps you have philosophical or aesthetic objections to resetting; if not, before starting to chase relics at all you should do the (get as many kittens as you easily can, reset) cycle several times. This will give you more storage as well as faster production. Once you’ve got a reasonable amount of paragon, you should probably do a unicorn-religion-based time crystal run, not worrying about relics but building up enough time crystals that you can e.g. buy chronospheres so that subsequent runs are faster.

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