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“Every Space Elevator will boost this production by 0.1% of the global production multiplier”

Here are some thoughts: There are a lot of different bonuses in the game, and I’m not sure which ones count as global in this context. Unobtainium doesn’t get all of the usual bonuses you might assume to be global, but if you treat it as an exception then maybe you could count Solar revolution, paragon, and burned paragon as global. Uranium gets a magnetos bonus but not a Reactors bonus, and it’s not clear if the magnetos bonus only applies to the quarries that produce uranium, or if they apply to both the quarries and the planet crackers. The starchart production from research vessels doesn’t seem affected by magnetos or reactors, so maybe magnetos does not count as a global bonus. Space production by definition is not global as it is restricted to production… only in space. Also there may be some confusion on the definition of ‘global’, as I’m thinking of the way it is used in coding, such that it applies to everything else in the game, but the game’s ‘global’ might refer to any production bonuses that apply to all of Cath (global = planetary). I don’t think that’s how it is meant but it’s worth noting.

So it’s probably safe to say paragon and burned paragon count towards global production, solar revolution probably also counts, and anything else is unlikely. Anyone have a more definitive answer?

AI Core


Global indeed means “planetside”

It includes the negative energy penalty.
So for me it’s at best 1.28M%

Which includes solar revolution, magnetos/steamworks, and reactors. And there is some other bonus that I’m missing but it’s small, like +30% or something like that. (maybe from a policy)

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