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I don’t think there is a legit way to get either of those 2 basges, at least at the current version of the game. They are largely placeholders.

Gear icon on resources, show hidden res.

I believe you need to research parent metaphysics tech first.

Noted, let me put it into backlog and review it.

I’d say the core of the game is mostly straightforward and endgame stuff is intentionally vague. The game was much more cryptic in early days but back then a lot of idle games were cryptic. We streamlined most of the confusing parts, but the game still requre player attention. Technologies do provide detailed description, but only after player research them, ziggurats require resource threshold to unlock, but so do most of the early game buildings, races do provide you unlock requirements in the log, but this can be missed, etc.

As for the rest I’m fine with some things being hidden. Hidden stuff promotes discussion and healthy community around the game.

As a general rule you would never want to stop building basic infrastructure.

a) Kittens technically don’t revive, new folks with new names come yo your village. So it’s 10 deaths total, including ‘revives’.

b) Resetting the game will give you some resources that speed up game very marginally. First reset usually speeds game by about 10% + extra depending on how far you’ve been in the game. Over time those speed ups add up.


Fellow discord users did some math, and the pop production caps at 75HG. It technically stays at the flat max value indefinitely, albeit with wide swings due to the way the math is coded.

You are correct, there are no hard building limits in the game.

Energy deficit is not a binary on/off, most of the energy penalties are proportional to production/consumption delta. If you have large production and slightly larger consumption with minor deficit, the penalty should be a few percentage points.

Unlike energy, pollution has much fewer ways to manage, but for 99% of the players its effects should be negligible.

KGM iOS/Android 1.5.4
https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kittens-game/id1198099725 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nuclearunicorn.kittensgame Changelog: * Eldermass check will be now triggered on load * Unwrap present button * Fixed register link * Fixed missing save/load confirmation dialogs in cloud saves * Support for shiny kittens in census * Fix for levi cap * Fixed broken options menu offset * Fixed village (N) counter update (via gencha) * Added "you did not see it" option to the options

Trade pins are coming soon-ish

Until SETI you need to observe events manually by clicking the observe button. If you don’t do it, it’s a very small chance per observatory to detect it automatically, but it’s not guaranteed.


Mind sharing your save?

@bloodrizertoGeneralLoad not working

Looking into this (EDIT: fixed)

KGM iOS/Android 1.5.3
https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kittens-game/id1198099725 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nuclearunicorn.kittensgame Changelog: * Game engine updated to version * Build Queue * Spaceport * UI and stability fixes The build will be rolled out in the upcoming week in the minor increments. As usual, some bugs can be expected, so don’t forget to backup your saves.

The wiki is a community driven, and is intended to be filled by players as they discover things along. The main documentation for the game is it’s source code that is intentionally left open for exploration.

Given that the game is an ongoing project it is impossible to maintain accurate tracking for all mechanics, as a lot of things are being changed and fleshed out on ongoing basis.

I have increased column width to 300px for 1020px+ resolution, should be in the next update soon-ish.

Ok, both are fair notes, sidebar width is probably the easiest to increase on ipad layout. What is your current device model and screen resolution for the reference?

HG reduces kittens number, but overall increases their productivity, so you should be about the same resource-wise

Local login assumes confirmation email for which sendmail server has to be set up to send verification link. It is something that I did not yet done and that might simply not work reliably in the modern age, therefore local is reserved for hardcoded credentials like admin accounts.

I am planning to support KGNet credentials as a sort of single sign on, but it will require firebase authentication module that wikijs does not yet support. Discord and Google are currently the only providers that are easy to setup and does not require much effort to maintain.

Try using gmail SSO, it did work fine for me

I will check why registration is missing, there should’ve been a link.

Edit: Please try now.

Please share your save, I’ll check this.

  • Ctrl+click and Shift+click are the most notorious one (they do different things depending on the context, check the ? icon in the upper right corner).
  • Shift+B/S/W/T/R/etc also changes the tabs (first name of the tab + shift).
  • Holding shift changes the effect display mode.
  • Esc closes the dialog windows (like options, export, etc)

Feel free to update the wiki, it is indeed not documented much.

The highest meaningful upgrade you can get is Holy Genocide at TT25. The cap of TT itself is not limited in the game and each tier will give you incremental bonuses.

You can find detailed formula and breakdown at https://wiki.kittensgame.com/en/game-tabs/religion/apocrypha

On mobile or on web?

Literally the only use for cryochambers is to preserve your kittens during reset which you aren’t going to do anyway

It is possible to play game without resetting. You will get 1 prestige currency for every 1000 years of in game years. It will be possible to speed up gaining this prestige currency much later, so you won’t even be timegated, although keep in mind that no-reset run overall will be SLOW.

Did you convert compendiums to blueprints recently?

It goes through the chain of resources required for the building and performs the craft operations on them without you doing it manually. You would obviously need said resources in the first place.

KGM iOS/Android 1.5.1
https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kittens-game/id1198099725 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nuclearunicorn.kittensgame Changelog: ``` Game engine updated to version UI QOL Pacts support Stability fixes and improvements ``` The build will be rolled out in the upcoming week in the minor increments. As usual, some bugs can be expected, so don't forget to backup your saves.

Capping buildings means building them until they are red (i.e till you are bottlenecked by Max storage or resource production takes too much time)

  1. Culture is mainly used for crafting manuscripts which could be a huge bottleneck, especially mid-game for a first run.
  2. Arrival speed mostly matter for lategame runs where you reset often.

https://wiki.kittensgame.com/en/guides-and-advice-and-stuff/monstrous-advice has some advice on early game policies that might or might not be highly opinionated. The idea of the best policies is always very subjective and vary between players, for the first run you will unlikely be bottlenecked by any choice regardless of what you pick.

Glad it made your day <3 Hope you will get better! You can use https://www.patreon.com/bloodrizer if you want to donate a buck or two.

I’m using https://www.npmjs.com/package/@moodlehq/cordova-plugin-local-notification that as far as I know fixes everything up to android 12. Android 13 is terra incognita for most of the cordova ecosystem and I would need to look into it. There are some workarounds for permissions, but stuff is so sparsely documented that I would need to test everything on emulator and do a bit of trial and error. Thanks for reporting this!