Is the game supposed to be cryptic?

Hi, @bloodrizer, I wanted to ask for a while, is the game supposed to be so cryptic with progression? Like, there are no detailed descriptions of technologies, researched buildings being hidden if there are no resources, metaphysics tab not appearing on first playthrough because there are no paragon points, conditions for finding other races are unknown besides trade ship’s description, etc. I’ve discovered ziggurats (on the wiki) much later than I should have, because they are not visible without megaliths and there was no reason for me to spend resources crafting megaliths because no other building requires them. Wiki solves all problems with planning, but it still seems weird for a resource management game.


I’d say the core of the game is mostly straightforward and endgame stuff is intentionally vague. The game was much more cryptic in early days but back then a lot of idle games were cryptic. We streamlined most of the confusing parts, but the game still requre player attention. Technologies do provide detailed description, but only after player research them, ziggurats require resource threshold to unlock, but so do most of the early game buildings, races do provide you unlock requirements in the log, but this can be missed, etc.

As for the rest I’m fine with some things being hidden. Hidden stuff promotes discussion and healthy community around the game.


Understood, thanks for the reply.

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