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So I have been playing now for a few months. It runs mostly in the background. Ive been several long runs, but mostly my runs have been short enough.

I have all the Metaphysics now up to the strange named ones.

I am now busy chasing relics.

I am having a problem with Power. My containment chambers which I need for antimatter take up so much power I cannot get the needed antimatter for upgrades.

The mid game guide really says to hold off doing a lot until you have your unobtainium at 100+ a sec.

I have it at 50 a sec. Im finding it difficult to find ways to increase storage, to continue to build the needed space buildings + able to maintain the power.

Any advice for these?

AI Core


So. Time crystals require good Solar Revolution, which you might have already - after you reach 300% it’s only a short grind away from 999%.

Relic Stations require you to start at 5K antimatter storage at least to run the upgrade, and go even higher to buy buffs.
Which requires a bunch of Paragon for storage bonus. Usually 1k is the recommended minimum, but 1500-2k or more is also easy enough to get and will pay off.

The unobt income probably means unobt income in Redmoon cycle, with Numeromancy 2.4x bonus applied. (but you want to be able to shatter up to 45 TCs to skip other cycles when you don’t want the resources they boost)

If by funny-named metaphysics you mean the sephirot, Malkuth etc, then do not buy them unless you know what you’re doing - Malkuth pays off storage-wise after you have 10500+ paragon in storage (21x its price before buying), the next one at 16500 (22x its price) and so on. Otherwise the only thing they really help with is starting challenges.

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