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Alas, in my foolishness I didn’t feel like doing every single one individually! Now I have Anarchy, Energy, Atheism, 1000 years and Black Sky active, and here’s my problem: I’m not sure it’s actually possible for me to get to space. An orbital launch costs 165K oil, 1.1M science, and the kicker, 55K catpower. I’m slowly raising the caps of all three, but my catpower limit is only 19.5K with 262 kittens and counting. 28 huts, 127 log houses, 79 mansions; huts and log houses are maxed until I build enough storage for the next couple. I think I need another 400-500 kittens to reach 55K. I’ve unlocked everything in science and the workshop that doesn’t require unobtainium or relics. Am I as screwed as I think I am? XD

How can I best salvage something from this ill-advised run?

AI Core


I might be able to build up the storage eventually, but even with 546 paragon it’ll take a reeeeeeeally long time. (I’ve already been at it for a couple of days.) 1000 years might be doable, but it’ll be slow to build up enough time crystals; I think I’m going to reset and cut my losses. I’ve got just enough kittens now to buy Renaissance next run. After I get to space. :D

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