Hi all. Just discovered this game a couple of days ago and trying to understand some things. I checked out the wiki and either I’m not understanding or I’m looking in the wrong place. I see on the achievement list “Winter is coming” have 10 dead kittens. Is that total (could I have a max of 2 kittens and have one of them die and revive ten times) or at one time (need at least 10 and have them all die before reviving)? Second question - I see a lot of talk about restarting the game. Is there a specific need to restart every so often or is it just to reset when things aren’t going your way? Thanks


a) Kittens technically don’t revive, new folks with new names come yo your village. So it’s 10 deaths total, including ‘revives’.

b) Resetting the game will give you some resources that speed up game very marginally. First reset usually speeds game by about 10% + extra depending on how far you’ve been in the game. Over time those speed ups add up.

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