Siphoning policy not working?

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The Siphoning policy states: “Pacts consume alicorns and slow down production instead of consuming necrocorns. If there is not enough of either pacts also consume necrocorns.”

This sounds like the pacts would slow down alicorn production, thus consuming alicorns instead of necrocorns. However, my necrocorn rate remains slow, as if my pacts are still consuming necrocorns.

My reading of the code makes it sound like there is only necrocorn consumption if the Siphoning policy is chosen, and alicorns are not affected either way. Aside from the necro fast forward code, this is the only place siphoning appears:

getCorruptionPerTickConsumption: function()
    if("MAUSOLEUM_PACTS") > 0 &&"siphoning").researched)
    return 0;

getCorruptionDeficitPerTick: function()
    return Math.max(-this.getCorruptionPerTickProduction() - this.getCorruptionPerTickConsumption(),0);

getCorruptionPerTick: function(pretendExistNecrocorn)
    var corruptionProduction = this.getCorruptionPerTickProduction(pretendExistNecrocorn);
    if("MAUSOLEUM_PACTS") && corruptionProduction > 0 &&"siphoning").researched)
        corruptionProduction += this.getCorruptionPerTickConsumption();
    return Math.max(corruptionProduction, 0);
AI Core


There is definitely something weird going on here.

I have 8 pacts. With Siphoning not chosen, this is my necro production:

Buildings: -0.004Corruption: +0.005|-> Corruption Production: +0.005

But with the Siphoning policy enabled, I get this:

Buildings: -0.008Corruption: +0.001(…)|-> Corruption Production: +0.005|-> Siphoning Consumption: +0.004

Building consumption doubled?

And with either option chosen, the displayed rate on the right is staying at 0.0001(…).

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