KGM iOS/Android 1.5.1
pin Changelog: ``` Game engine updated to version UI QOL Pacts support Stability fixes and improvements ``` The build will be rolled out in the upcoming week in the minor increments. As usual, some bugs can be expected, so don't forget to backup your saves.

F.A.Q. v3 (Read me first)
**How do I...** Please start from the [wiki page]( It has information about pretty much every aspect of the game. **The game does not work in a background tab** Please make sure 'web workers' option is on. **How am I doing in this game? Am I slow?** Yes. **My smelters are not working** Turn them on by pressing "+". Smelter button should lit green. **Theology and Navigation require way too much culture** You don't need to have all of this culture at the same time, try crafting more manuscripts. **There is a bug in the ...** This is very unlikely. **Offline progression is not working as expected** There is a very good reason why it is hidden and disabled by default. **Please add an option to hide researched religion upgrades** No. **Hunters suddenly reduced my catnip production** Hunters brought rare resources that boosted happiness and overall production at a cost of extra food consumption. **My max science suddenly dropped** You converted all compediums which were giving you +10 science bonus. **When should I reset** You should reset whenever game feels slow. Seriously folks, please stop making those threads. **Why refining catnip is better than woodcutting?** This is a platinum question of the Kittens Game. I wish I could get a buck every time someone asks this. This question was answered probably in the greatest details [there]( **Why huts are giving more space than log houses** Because they cost twice as much. **What is the Iron Will that everyone are talking about?** * [How to enter it]( * [How it works]( **Smelters are not working in the IW** [] **Why send explorer cost takes 100 catpower instead of 1000?** It takes exactly 1000 catpower and refund you 900 if no one was found.

What unlocks the most in Metaphysics?
Of the following under Metaphysics tab, which one unlocks the most features in the game? (new things to do or new features unlocked). Enlightenment Diplomacy Chronomancy Unicornmancy Carnivals Adjustment Bureau I was thinking Diplomacy because it unlocks Leviathans and things to do with the Blackcoin Stockmarket. But what about the others? Do they unlock anything? Especially whole branches of new stuff to do in the game.

What is the highest TT so far in the latest version?
I am at TT7. What is the highest it can go? Also, is there a general formula that is easy to do in your mind (just by looking at the screen) so you know if you transcend, you will get to the next TT level (guaranteed)?

Pretty sure this still isn’t endgame, so… what now?
It took me so long to get to this point that I hate to reset, but I'm running out of things to do. There's no more sciences, there's no more workshop upgrades. I think I've done all the available challenges at least once. I took screenshots to explain better: ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

Energy info screen
Is there way how to check energy consumption same way as pollution? Maybe new game tab?

What should my goal be for my first relic run?
2.5k paragon, 300 burnt, only challenges completed are winter and anarchy. Transcendence tier 10. Ran out of time crystals so I decided to try a long relic + antimatter run. Saved up 5k antimatter so I could begin generating relics passively, and I'm almost to 5k relics so I can buy a Black Nexus. Leviathans are up to level 8, and I've unlocked the chronoforge. What should my goals be for this run? And after it should I use all the time crystals I've got saved up to grind a bunch of quick paragon, or go right back into relic farming?

Science cap reduced by ~750K without doing changes in the game?
I'm in the middle of my 4th run and I'm pretty far into the run, I had my science cap around 2.5 million science, and then it suddenly started dropping and it is now at 1.8 Million, I've sold no buildings, lost no kitties, enviroment is healing so it can't be a pollution side effect 1400~ PPM now and I have no clue why is my science cap going down so drastically, what could be happening?

First and only run, can I beat the game?
I want to be able to beat the game with only 1st run without resetting. Is that possible? What can't I do without resetting? I am sure by playing long enough, you can get most of the stuff (except karma?) I think the game needs to be designed so that you can do everything (get all the resource types) without resetting. If Karma can't be got unless you have to reset, then it needs to be added in as an unlock on the "first run". resetting is like dying, you don't want people to die to be able to get to the next stage, as that would be bad.

Hotkeys/Keyboard Controls
There doesn't seem to be any mentions on the wiki, but I have noticed I can change tabs with numeric keys, are there any other hotkeys? Are they listed anywhere?

Can someone please breakdown what to do with Time for me?
I've read up on the wiki, and have searched the forum, but I'm stalled out on what I'm supposed to *do* with temporal flux. Like, I can do it, and have built up some resources to make it "better," but it's not clear what it's meant to do/build to/etc. Could someone please tell me a bit more about what's meant to be going on with this?

Leviathan energy over cap bug?
I am able to continue feeding necrocorns to the leviathans beyond my stated cap. Currently, I am at 696 / 405, and my trade ratios still seem to be increasing with more feeding despite being over the cap. I have 80 markers and 15 runs of black sky. I believe the 405 is calculated from the markers alone (5 + 5*markers per the wiki), so it seems the cap does not account for the bonus from black sky. The wiki says black sky increase is +0.5 per marker, capped at 10 with diminishing returns. Not sure where the diminishing returns kick in, but if I haven't hit them yet I think my "real" cap will be at around 1000, not sure if I will stop being able to feed more then or if I will be able to continue feeding, just won't improve my trade ratios? I am on mobile, not sure if this is a bug specific to mobile or if it would happen in browser too, I haven't ever exported my save over.

what does precraft do?
The precraft button doesn't seem to do anything and I can't find any information on how to use it. How does it work and what's it for? I'm playing the Android version if that matters.

Notifications on Android 13
It seems the app doesn't ask for permission to send notifications so I can't allow them. (There was some notification rework for Android 13.) Am I just dumb? It's there a way to get notifications working?

Mausoleums and Pacts?
Hi, I'm at TT23, and so I bought a Mausoleum, since it's cheap and new (to me). So now I could by Pacts, which are also very cheap. The first problem is that they consume necrocorns, with an unintelligible price tag, for example: >Necrocorn consumption: -0.00(...)/day > >Necrocorn deficit recovery per pyramid: 0.3% > >Storage per pyramid: 0.05% This means next to nothing to me, especially because my current production is displayed as +0.00(...)/day, so it's not that easy to tell how the cost of a pact will impact my production. The second problem is that I cannot find anything about Pacts and Mausoleums in the wiki. Am I looking wrong? Should I buy pacts, or is it too early for that? I should reset soon (well, I probably should have done it long ago), but I'm waiting to buy a new Dark Nova level or two before that. Thanks

First run policy questions
Hello! I got into the game a couple weeks ago when an online friend recommended it as a distraction as I pulled an all-nighter following a break-in attempt just in case they tried again. (Long story.) I love it! Thank you bloodrizer for making such an intricate game. I've been checking the wiki for some things and letting myself be surprised by others. Here are my questions: 1. Long-ish term, would it be better to go with Knowledge Sharing or Cultural Exchange for my first run? I'm guessing Cultural Exchange since you can always reassign kittens to be scholars to increase the science rate, but it's hard imagine worrying about my culture rate since it's at +37.88/sec right now and it doesn't seem to be used for as many things compared to science. 2. Carnivale or Extravagance? And more specifically: why does kitten arrival speed matter? Carnivale boosts arrival speed, but that doesn't seem worth the cost of increasing luxury consumption so I was just going to go with Extravagance. 3. For Zebra Relations, does Appeasement or Bellicosity make for a smoother first run? I was going to go with Bellicosity since I'm almost to the point where I can manufacture titanium instead of having to trade for it. Policy selections up until this point: Liberty, Republic, Diplomacy, Epicurianism, Mysticism, and Environmentalism. Thank you!

Thank you, bloodrizer.
I recently went to the ER and was diagnosed with a kidney stone. The doctor installed a ureteral stent inside of me, and it's the most miserable experience of my life. I have been bedridden for 9 days, and I have 17 to go before it gets removed. I found Kittens Game a few days before all of this occurred, and with complete sincerity, it's one of the only things keeping me sane. Almost nothing has been able to distract me from my misery except for these kittens - so from the bottom of my heart, thank you bloodrizer for giving me precious moments of reprieve from my otherwise currently-excruciating existence. Also, I have to say that regardless of my personal circumstances, this is a masterpiece of incremental gaming. The only thing that comes close is Antimatter Dimensions, imo. It's extremely creative, complex, and multilayered. I don't think I've ever played a game with a progression system like this one, and I think it's brilliant. Cheers to you, my friend, and fuck Communism up its ass!

Quick switching leaders?
Originally posted by [/u/TheFledglingPidgeon](/u/TheFledglingPidgeon) I find myself switching leaders a lot for the bonuses, like switching to Manager before hunting or Merchant before trading. Is there a way to, say, favorite certain kittens as leaders so I can "quick switch" between them?

On the upcoming reddit-wide going dark event
Originally posted by [/u/bloodrizer](/u/bloodrizer) Background info: Without fueling the drama I am considering to join the blackout and make this subreddit dark for 48 hours on Jun 12. Reddit UI always been barely functioning at all. I have to rely on RiF personally on mobile, and loosing it would be annoying. ___ I've been always annoyed by the reddit, and been considering to move this sub to the self-hosted platform on several occasions. I've been told by a lot of users they are here are mostly for the r/kittensgame so I suspect nobody cares about reddit much.

Advice needed
Originally posted by [/u/Distinct-Finish-5178](/u/Distinct-Finish-5178) On my first run atm and have 80 kittens. Things are really really slow atm. Should i reset or push trough? Don’t really know what to unlock or upgrade

Focus on sciences or titanium? (Pre reset)
Originally posted by [/u/IKindaLikeCorn](/u/IKindaLikeCorn) Hullo! Im pre reset, have some observatories. Pretty capped out on my other buildings. Should i focus on titanuim, observatories, trade ships, or go for the sciences (electricity, chemistry)

What should I focus on next in my game?
Originally posted by [/u/WolfOfYoitsu](/u/WolfOfYoitsu) Edit: screenshots [kittensgame.png]( I'm a little bit lost on what I should do next. I'm currently just letting the game run to farm relics to buy things from Cryptotheology. Should i farm paragon up a certain amout? If so, how much? Should I get more burned paragon or just buy the remaining metapysics? Or repeat challenges? I couldn't find a guide that helps me here. According to Sagefault's Endgame Guide I'm in mid game somewhere between "Type 1: Relics Stations" and "Type 2: Shatter Engine", but it doesn't describe how to get there. ​ My current stats: ​ Paragon: 4935 Burned Paragon: 373 Transcendence: 17 Black Obelisk: 60 Black Nexus: 35 Black Core: 25 Event Horizon: 29 Black Libary: 32 Black Radiance: 9 Blazar: 6 ​ I bought all metaphysics up to Yesod (next would be Hod) and I did all challenges once.

i asked chatgpt a question i would nornaly googlr for or ask here.
Originally posted by [/u/Dangerous_Ant5107](/u/Dangerous_Ant5107) q: in kittens game, bloodrizers incremental game, why is reseting with one chronosphere bad and can the bad thing ve mitigated later during same run? a: In the game Kittens Game, the decision to reset with only one Chronosphere is generally considered suboptimal because it doesn’t provide significant benefits compared to resetting without using a Chronosphere. The Chronosphere is an item that allows you to carry over a small portion of your resources and technology when you reset the game. However, using just one Chronosphere doesn’t grant you substantial advantages in subsequent runs, and it consumes a valuable resource to obtain. The purpose of using Chronospheres is to enable players to progress faster and more efficiently in subsequent runs by carrying over accumulated resources and knowledge. Players typically aim to acquire multiple Chronospheres before resetting, as each additional Chronosphere provides a greater multiplier effect on resources carried forward. While using only one Chronosphere may not have significant benefits within the same run, it’s important to note that the game is designed to encourage multiple runs and iterative progress. Each subsequent run allows you to accumulate more resources, unlock new upgrades, and advance further than the previous run. As you acquire more Chronospheres in subsequent runs, you can mitigate the perceived drawback of a single Chronosphere reset and make faster progress in the long term. Ultimately, the decision to use Chronospheres and when to reset is a strategic choice that depends on your playstyle and goals within the game. It’s worth experimenting and finding the most effective approach that suits your preferences and progression strategy. rly nice

Why do people like Monarchy?
Originally posted by [/u/TheFledglingPidgeon](/u/TheFledglingPidgeon) I'm a bit confused, I've googled for advice on which policies to pick and I've found a lot of sources singing praises to Monarchy. But I get the impression that the leader bonuses are just... kind of negligible. Sure, Artisan helps a bit in the beginning, and it's good for afk'ing with engineers, and scientist/philosopher are super helpful, but... the gold honestly seems more useful, and both of the other options at that cost seem better, especially in longer games. Eventually, the leader bonuses like Artisan just seem to be a minuscule fraction of the things they're providing bonuses to. Am I just misunderstanding something, or underestimating how monarchy works?

In hindsight, starting five challenges at once was probably excessive.
Originally posted by [/u/StoriesAreLife](/u/StoriesAreLife) Alas, in my foolishness I didn't feel like doing every single one individually! Now I have Anarchy, Energy, Atheism, 1000 years *and* Black Sky active, and here's my problem: I'm not sure it's actually possible for me to get to space. An orbital launch costs 165K oil, 1.1M science, and the kicker, 55K catpower. I'm slowly raising the caps of all three, but my catpower limit is only 19.5K with 262 kittens and counting. 28 huts, 127 log houses, 79 mansions; huts and log houses are maxed until I build enough storage for the next couple. I think I need another 400-500 kittens to reach 55K. I've unlocked everything in science and the workshop that doesn't require unobtainium or relics. Am I as screwed as I think I am? XD How can I best salvage something from this ill-advised run?

Dark future heat?
Originally posted by [/u/Dangerous_Ant5107](/u/Dangerous_Ant5107) If, due to dark future cost increase, my jump costs 2 tc, does it still generate 1 heat?

Progress questions
Originally posted by [/u/Dark1Elder](/u/Dark1Elder) Is resting your game a requirement to progress, or can you just go straight through with out ever resetting, and if it is required when's the best time to reset? I'm in year 1,233, am working to make enough compendiums and blueprints to research Biochemistry and Robotics, as well as working towards building my first Unicorn Utopia. Making progress is very slow, but is possible.

Hunter - Catpower - Possible Bug?
Originally posted by [/u/Daymanooahahhh](/u/Daymanooahahhh) Hello there. I have something weird happening (mobile, iOS). I have to have 18 kittens (out of 71) on Hunter to have any positive cat power progress. If I start with 1 kitten on Hunter, my production is -0.79. If I add another, it goes DOWN to -1.59, then another gets me down to -2.39, etc. Is this a known issue? I do have a few mints, and it seems the consumption of cat power caps out at -15 per tick. Once I hit that number the more I add contributes positively

How many Chromospheres to jumpstart Void
Originally posted by [/u/FabulousKale9669](/u/FabulousKale9669) Hi, I'm aware that you need to create a few Chronospheres in your initial start so that Void doesn't get bogged down in an endless wait. What I can't seem to find is what is an OK starting number? I've enough Unobtanium to build 13 ... will that get me past the hump & jumpstart my Void generation? Would 10 be enough? <edit> grr, can't correct spelling error in title!

Skill rust?
Originally posted by [/u/TheFledglingPidgeon](/u/TheFledglingPidgeon) I've noticed that kittens actually lose XP if they're idle, and that when I assign a kitten to a job other than the one they're most skilled at, they lose "percentage" on the previous job. Does this game implement some sort of hidden skill rust?

When should I do about challenges
Originally posted by [/u/zasquach](/u/zasquach) I'm several runs deep, \~1k paragon, \~1k burned, last run was my first year 40k+ run, and I've mostly ignored challenges because I wasn't sure when to do them. I'm planning to start working through them, but I'm concerned about losing the karma I've invested in cryochambers so far. Most challenges mention putting chronosphere resources in reserves, will kittens from cryochambers also go there, and will I still get broken cryochambers? Also as far as iron Will goes, does that challenge have any permanent impact on the game? I've heard of zebras you can attract during that challenge, will they stick around during the main game? nay advice would be appreciated.

Originally posted by [/u/Hi_Falutin](/u/Hi_Falutin) Playing on Android. Accoding to Google Play Store, my last update was six days ago on May 21, version Suddenly this morning all the fonts in the right column are WAY TOO BIG. Makes the list of buildings feel incredibly long, and as shown on "normal" setting it makes some labels too big to fit inside the lines. On "large" setting it makes some labels too big to even fit on screen Only that one font changed size, and it changed for every tab. Changing to "small" font size leaves it STILL looking bigger then what I had last night, while making the other fonts hard to read. Is this a glitch or a bug? Is this an intentional change?

How are you supposed to get 25,000 time crystals?
Originally posted by [/u/Dzugavili](/u/Dzugavili) So, question is the title: how are you supposed to get 25,000 time crystals for upgrades like the time boiler? I'm pretty clamped on unobtainium output at ~40 per second, and trading with the leviathans is only worth ~1 crystal per 5000 obtainium, so 25,000 crystals would take about a month. Seems like I must be missing something.

Quick question about leaders
Originally posted by [/u/Daure_Labori](/u/Daure_Labori) Do the traits and the rank promotions only matter when they're leader? i read the wiki and from what i understood only the leader gets the benefits, but the button that says "Promote Kittens" has a description that says "the leader promotes your kittens" so it kinda confuses me to why would there be a button to promote other kittens. is there any benefit in promoting other workers? aside from switching leaders?

Automation question
Originally posted by [/u/Livid-Explanation716](/u/Livid-Explanation716) Is there any recent scripts up? For automatically sending hunters, observing sky etc. I've found old scripts from 6-9 years ago, but they don't work and I'm not programmer enough to fix them. &#x200B; Please help.

What to do now?
Originally posted by [/u/IKindaLikeCorn](/u/IKindaLikeCorn) What do i do now? Got theology then astronomy then navigation. All of them did nothing much... It takes me like 5 minutes to buy 1 building (eg mine)

How to get flux on iphone?
Originally posted by [/u/Dangerous_Ant5107](/u/Dangerous_Ant5107) ^this My third run after years, first time mobile and this is starting to be a bit important.

I am ENRAGED, I lost 90% of my epiphany since I misread what cost my transcendence was. How much do I need for my next level?
Originally posted by [/u/weeOriginal](/u/weeOriginal) I had read the wiki and thought I needed 8 million, but I guess it was 22 million??? Just from the description of the next one, I’ll need 2,800,000/0.002 = **1,400,000,000 ?!?!?!**

Originally posted by [/u/DancesWithBadgers](/u/DancesWithBadgers)

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