KGM iOS/Android 1.5.4
pin Changelog: * Eldermass check will be now triggered on load * Unwrap present button * Fixed register link * Fixed missing save/load confirmation dialogs in cloud saves * Support for shiny kittens in census * Fix for levi cap * Fixed broken options menu offset * Fixed village (N) counter update (via gencha) * Added "you did not see it" option to the options

F.A.Q. v3 (Read me first)
**How do I...** Please start from the [wiki page]( It has information about pretty much every aspect of the game. **The game does not work in a background tab** Please make sure 'web workers' option is on. **How am I doing in this game? Am I slow?** Yes. **My smelters are not working** Turn them on by pressing "+". Smelter button should lit green. **Theology and Navigation require way too much culture** You don't need to have all of this culture at the same time, try crafting more manuscripts. **There is a bug in the ...** This is very unlikely. **Offline progression is not working as expected** There is a very good reason why it is hidden and disabled by default. **Please add an option to hide researched religion upgrades** No. **Hunters suddenly reduced my catnip production** Hunters brought rare resources that boosted happiness and overall production at a cost of extra food consumption. **My max science suddenly dropped** You converted all compediums which were giving you +10 science bonus. **When should I reset** You should reset whenever game feels slow. Seriously folks, please stop making those threads. **Why refining catnip is better than woodcutting?** This is a platinum question of the Kittens Game. I wish I could get a buck every time someone asks this. This question was answered probably in the greatest details [there]( **Why huts are giving more space than log houses** Because they cost twice as much. **What is the Iron Will that everyone are talking about?** * [How to enter it]( * [How it works]( **Smelters are not working in the IW** [] **Why send explorer cost takes 100 catpower instead of 1000?** It takes exactly 1000 catpower and refund you 900 if no one was found.

Queue suggestions
I don't really ever use the queue, but I thought about a way it could be really useful: Have it trigger before workshop automation. Once you get to the point in the run where most things are capped there are generally a few that use iron/minerals/wood that you do have enough storage for but not the production to get it before the next automatic time crunch by the chronofurnace. The queue would be perfect for building these, there is a split second when it shows you have enough resources and sometimes you can click on it then, but mostly you have to turn off the automation, combust a tc, then buy the building, then turn back on the automation. I think the idea for the queue came from other idle games, maybe Evolve idle, and there is one thing it does better: an option to allow any building in the queue to get build regardless of order. That would be cool too.

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Pollution cost not adding up correctly?
I shifted my play style a while ago so that I could reduce pollution and drive it low enough to zero it out again. It took a while, but I got it there. I've made many changes to many other things, so I do not know what is causing it, but something is not making pollution counters of the different buildings add up correctly. When I was driving down pollution, at one point, I had 36 Magnetos, 80 Calciners, 75 Quarries, 122 Mines, 64 Steamworks, and 102 Smelters. On top of that, to counteract all of that, I had 82 factories with automation enabled. As far as I could tell then or now, those are the only things causing pollution (My biolabs are all off, and I don't have OIl well automation on). So at the time my pollution rate was -15 (as seen by setting game.detailedPollutionInfo=true in the browser javascript console). Now, after having reached 0 pollution a bit ago, I've been shuffling everything around to maximize science to buy more things. So things have not been at the above numbers of those buildings for a few weeks. Once I was done with the science stuff, I tried to re-optimize iron output and magnetos, but I have found that I cannot return to the same numbers of buildings without incurring a positive pollution rate. It does not make any sense. In order to stay negative (including Winter), I have 34 Magnetos 68 calciners 70 Quarries 120 Mines 64 Steamworks 90 Smelters And that is with 88 Factories with automation! Quarries and Mines could probably be returned to past values, but I had to finagle as much as possible to maximize magnetos. The big polluters (magnetos, calciners, and steamworks) are all less than their previous numbers. And I should be able to have More buildings polluting with the increased number of factories. So, what in the world is going on? I have positive power, so it's not one of the weird side effects of negative power. I have 420% happiness. Does BLS affect that? It's at 47% It doesn't make any sense. Edit: 11 days later and still have not figured this out. I still cannot have as many Magnetos running as before. I even opened up an old save file from months ago. It doesn't make any sense why I cannot have those Magnetos running now. I think 0 pollution actually is making things worse.

Do challenges have an impact on later runs?
I'm on my second run (currently in my last population push before resetting) and saw a post about recommended challenge orders that said that some challenges were beneficial to do first. If I end up doing challenges, what's a good order to do them in and how do they impact each other?

chronosurge help?
so I've been tentatively figuring all this chrono whatsit out with a lot of help from the wiki and google. but I am completely lost on the chronosurge option. particularly how you're supposed to be able to restart it immediately on the next run? I know the wiki says it needs 750 void to purchase it, but it doesn't say anything about pre-reqs, so does it just show up when I have the void and flux? and the thing that raises your max flux, if I'm understanding it correctly, is part of the chrono purchases, which reset every run, so if you have more than the max stocked up as long as you don't have it turned on, you won't lose the points? so basically, if i'm understanding it right, chronospheres, (with the minimum of resources coming with), void, TCs, and relics would all need to be pretty well stocked up before this becomes even vaguely pertinent? because right now I'm still at a level where I *can* get relic stations... but it takes me 3 rl days to get there ^^; and I think void also resets? so would chronospheres bring back the void and unobtanium and other such things as well? (or did I just accidentally spend all my void without noticing? >>') if I'm not totally off the mark here, then how many chronospheres per run would I really want to have as an easy grab before I start considering this set up? at the moment I'm kinda playing with some of the easier challenges, and using them as paragon grabs as well. if it matters, I've currently got almost 2k burned paragon and just over 700 regular, and I've been resetting every time I feel like I hit a wall, which is netting me around 400-450 paragon a run.... thanks much!~

I am very smart
I just now realized that the "observe" button isn't to observe the things that have happened/event history, but to observe the rare astronomical event... only took me till SETI research to realize.

Years ago, there was a point where the game would break when you had too many resources. Has that been fixed? I feel like I should be well past that point. I currently use KittenScientists and just run month long sessions before I reset and have done so for years now. Currently I have 1.70U relics and 550G Time Crystals and Transcendense Tier 36. I haven't been pursuing paragon hard, but still have 109k burnt.

“Maximums” of things
So I'm a very VERY new player if skimming some other things is anything to go by (and I'm going to try and stop that now, too many spoilers :( ), but I keep reading about this "maximum", and I was wondering what it is? I'm almost to concrete huts, and I've read that's pretty decent reset time, so I was wondering how do I tell when I'm at the "max"?I know about resource limits, I mean obviously, but what's to stop me from building more store facilities? Is there a "hard" max on buildings?

I’m stuck in space on the first run - what should I do?
I know many people restart, but I've read that with patience it should be possible on the first run. Here are some screenshots, does anyone have any tips for me on how to proceed? Above all, there is a lack of science so that I can expand the anti-matter.

blackcoin missing exchange?
I just got Blackchain in Technologies, and it does not seem to have actually unlocked anything. Which tab is it supposed to show up on? Is there something else I need to unlock that?

Stuck on 1000 years challenge
I've hit 500 years on the 1000 year challenge and can't figure out how to progress. I've got 750 time crystals from earlier runs, but I can't figure out how to shatter them - I wasn't given the option to build Ziggurats anymore when I reset into the challenge. I can't make relics or trade with the Leviathans to get relics. How do I research Tachyon Theory and Chronoforges?

RR/Pyramids/TC Combustion question
I've played for years, and given up quite a few saves, only to come back and start over many times. Although I've reset many times in the past, I've purged my runs and started over every few years. This time I've been going on and off for 10 months off of a fresh new game. This time I might actually be at it for real. I have questions about RR, TCs, and maybe more. TT 13 RR 7 Unob: 163.53/s with festivals Relics: 12.71/day Reset: 14 Paragon: 1295 Burned P: 106 37 Markers /8 pyramids Lev Energy: 89/199 And I feel TCs are too slow. I can burn 45 TCs and trade around 3 TCs per trade, so I am profiting, getting around 210 TCs for ~350k Unob (69 trade caravans). Relics aren't the problem. I don't think Paragon is the problem. Storage and production from Paragon might be the problem, but I don't quite believe it. You can refine TCs into relics, but that isn't helpful when I don't have enough TCs but seemingly plenty of relics. Any advice?

It’s that time of the year again - Eldermass present advice
The consensus seems to be to take Transcendence to get from TT10 to 14. That's what I did 2yrs ago, getting close to TT24 now. In the late game Compendia seem the way to go, to boost your science to insane levels. Which sounds nice, but I don't have enough Chronospheres for that yet. Last year I was in a strange game state because of a true 40k run, so I picked burned paragon. Due to limited time to play actively, that run is still ongoing (true year 56442 atm :D), but I plan to reset soonish. So, my question now is: What's the best mid-game pick? I'm considering: * 1500 burned paragon again sounds solid, I'm at roughly 500/4600 (with another 1k+ after reset) * I'm at 90k Karmakittens, so another 25*25k = 625k would also make a difference (roughly +344 Karma, which currently sits at only around 180). But then again, happiness (900%-ish) is not super important at this stage, since it does not affect space. Could help with religion though. Everything else seems irrelevant (e.g. +2k TC, when I have many tens of millions) or impossible (e.g. Metaphysics, which are already unlocked). Unless there is some obvious choice I'm overlooking.

Is pollution’s “to zero” counter broken?
I unlocked pollution info with console command It shows that I have ~105M pollution If I turn off everything but my 3 factories, I get "-17 pollution per tick" and "To zero: 7d 8h" If I turn on 15 Calciners, I get "Pollution per tick: -1" and "To zero: 28y 155d" I tripple checked, but 17 times 1 week isn't 28 years... so I think something in this display is broken Maybe "per tick" doesn't account for negative electricity or smth

What to do after eludium huts
I'm on my 4th run. In the previous one I did the reset after eludium huts and now I have 198 stored paragon (and 168 paragon from my current kittens). Just unlocked eludium huts again, and things seem to start getting pretty slow and a bit confusing. I'm not sure what to do next. Should i push this run towards time crystals/relics (how?)? Or should i reset and do another quick run to build up paragon for new metaphysics? I understand that space manufacturing is a very important upgrade, but reaching the 125k titanium cap seems almost impossible on this run unless I plan to keep playing for a long time before the next reset. Here's the situation: I'm looking for advice on what to focus on now. What are the mid and end goals for this run? Also, - Available metaphysics: should i buy some of them? - Bonfire: there's a lot of stuff that I could potentially improve, but I'm not sure where should I invest my resources. I need steel and titanium for space buildings, so buying magnetos, factories, accelerators and similar structures would slow down space development. - Upgrades: a bunch of them are available but they don't seem to be useful right now, am I doing it wrong? - Religion: should I do a mid-reset now?

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Pretrade beside the precraft button?
I am switching between the trade and other tabs literally thousands of times for titanium. It would be great if I could enable trade as part of the precraft function. It would save my poor thumb from a lot a awkward movements. Thank you for your consideration!

I'm not sure what happened but I looked up at my energy production today and I have a -75% production bonus and a deficit of 15.68 KILOWATTS. I can't seem to clear the debuff and have no idea what caused it? I'm sort of mid-game in this reset, saving antimatter for relic stations....but I can't make antimatter with such a huge energy deficit.

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Alarming and misleading necrocorn-deficit message
I took a look at my Religion tab just now and saw this: >Necrocorn deficit: 0.002. Due to the deficit your pacts have 0% effectivness. Deficit is consuming additional 19.32% of necrocorns per day and is deminishing 0.000946 per day (if you have enough necrocorns). "Your pacts have 0% effectiveness". Uh-oh. Fortunately, what's going on here is that normally when this message is displayed that number is negative and nonzero, so you get something like "your pacts have -1% effectiveness". But in my case the necrocorn deficit is nonzero but very small, so the message gets displayed but the number rounds to zero and displays as "0%". I suggest putting the minus sign in the *text* and doing the calculation without it, so that in my case it would say "-0%" whose meaning would be clearer. Or: "... your pacts' effectiveness is reduced by ...%" (again, with the positive rather than negative value). (Also: "effectiveness" not "effectivness", and "diminishing" not "deminishing", but obviously those are superficial details and don't do any harm. But if bloodrizer thinks the problem here worth fixing, those might as well get fixed at the same time.)

Starchart not working (bug?)
I already researched astronomy and navigation. I have 7 observatories. There are rare events in the sky but until now none starchart. Is my third run. Is it a bug?

Load not working
Getting a bad gateway error when attempting to log in as of 11/8/2023

Missing “documentation”
At first I want to say: I love this game. I am playing it for years now (with long pausings), and dont feel I am near to finishing it. But the game still seems to be a WIP. This is not a critic to the developers. The web version is for free and I payed around 3€ for mobile... Totaly worth it! The thing that "bugs" me the most is that on some mechanics there dont seem to be any explanation. The descriptions are sometimes unclear or just "tbd". The wiki also seems to lack a deeper explanation. The most useful way is to read reddit posts. And then I am asking myself: How the fuck do they know these things? xD This post is no "make a better documentation"-post. I just want to discuss this with you guys and want to here your thoughts about it :D

What unlocks the most in Metaphysics?
Of the following under Metaphysics tab, which one unlocks the most features in the game? (new things to do or new features unlocked). Enlightenment Diplomacy Chronomancy Unicornmancy Carnivals Adjustment Bureau I was thinking Diplomacy because it unlocks Leviathans and things to do with the Blackcoin Stockmarket. But what about the others? Do they unlock anything? Especially whole branches of new stuff to do in the game.

Pretty sure this still isn’t endgame, so… what now?
It took me so long to get to this point that I hate to reset, but I'm running out of things to do. There's no more sciences, there's no more workshop upgrades. I think I've done all the available challenges at least once. I took screenshots to explain better: ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

Energy info screen
Is there way how to check energy consumption same way as pollution? Maybe new game tab?

I’m not getting coal after researching Steel
I'm playing on the Beta so I thought it might be a bug, but I'm facing the same problem on the Public build

How many Holy Genocides is too many?
After some long slow runs I'm finally at exponential gainz time - 104 chronos, a couple hundred billion TCs banked. Currently at 30 holy genocides, but once I start growing void via chrono resets I expect that number to go up. Is there a point at which the pop reduction is severe enough to stop being worthwhile regardless of the benefits?

Science cap reduced by ~750K without doing changes in the game?
I'm in the middle of my 4th run and I'm pretty far into the run, I had my science cap around 2.5 million science, and then it suddenly started dropping and it is now at 1.8 Million, I've sold no buildings, lost no kitties, enviroment is healing so it can't be a pollution side effect 1400~ PPM now and I have no clue why is my science cap going down so drastically, what could be happening?

Is the game supposed to be cryptic?
Hi, @bloodrizer, I wanted to ask for a while, is the game supposed to be so cryptic with progression? Like, there are no detailed descriptions of technologies, researched buildings being hidden if there are no resources, metaphysics tab not appearing on first playthrough because there are no paragon points, conditions for finding other races are unknown besides trade ship's description, etc. I've discovered ziggurats (on the wiki) much later than I should have, because they are not visible without megaliths and there was no reason for me to spend resources crafting megaliths because no other building requires them. Wiki solves all problems with planning, but it still seems weird for a resource management game.

TC Combustion on Android
![]( Sorry if I'm just being dumb, but how do I combust time crystals? I don't see the option on the Time menu when I have more than one time crystal. Do I need to research something first? Is it in a different menu? I'm playing v1.5.4 on Android.

Best for trading for blueprints
Is your chance at obtaining blueprints from trades affected by which species you're trading with or their friendliness/hostility level with you, or is it just tradeposts that influence that percentage?

Hey all, I need some help finding out what I am missing on why my max kittens are lower than normal. I have three challenges active: winter has come, anarchy, and energy. Only half my kittens are working because of anarchy, which makes sense. But I have 8 huts and 14 log houses which should be 30 kittens and my max is only 24. I am not sure what else I have that could be causing it, but something is tickling the back of my brain that I should remember. I just haven't played much over the past few years to remember all the ins and outs of the game and am having trouble searching for info on the wiki.

Relics per day
I have finally gotten the relic station upgrade and was scared that the production was displayed as "per day". But it is ingame day and not real time day. But why? We have per second for everything and per hour for alicorns. Both are related to real time. An ingame day is about a second. So why is it not just displayed as "per second"?

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“Local” wiki login?
Over on the wiki, if you try to sign in you get three options: "Google", "Discord", and "Local". The last of those wants an email address and password. I try to minimize my use of federated logins, because I don't want to give the likes of Google any more information than I have to. But the "Local" option seems to assume that I already _have_ email/password credentials and I don't see a "sign up" option. Maybe it takes the same email/password as the forum? But when I signed up for the forum I didn't provide an email address, and if I try to add one now then the "Add" button displays a please-wait spinner that appears to just spin for ever. So I can't test that. Is there a way to sign up to log in to the wiki without using Google or Discord?

Wood production and mineral production tickling down slowly
Not sure what's causing it It was 4887/s a few seconds ago now, now 4885 Possible solar revolution pollution problem? But it's really really slow Also my pollution is only 700+

First and only run, can I beat the game?
I want to be able to beat the game with only 1st run without resetting. Is that possible? What can't I do without resetting? I am sure by playing long enough, you can get most of the stuff (except karma?) I think the game needs to be designed so that you can do everything (get all the resource types) without resetting. If Karma can't be got unless you have to reset, then it needs to be added in as an unlock on the "first run". resetting is like dying, you don't want people to die to be able to get to the next stage, as that would be bad.

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Siphoning and necrocorn deficit (bug?)
This seems like it might be unintended behaviour: I have a couple of active Pacts whose deficit has not been fully repaid. I have just purchased the "Siphoning" policy. Expected consequences of selecting "Siphoning": (1) alicorns start being consumed, (2) necrocorns stop being consumed. Actual consequences: (1) alicorns start being consumed (I assume), (2) necrocorns stop being consumed (I assume), BUT ALSO (3) necrocorn deficit stops reducing. Since the necrocorn deficit makes my Pacts less effective and wouldn't have taken all that long to repay, the net effect of taking the Siphoning policy is to make things significantly worse, in a way it seems hard to believe it's meant to. If this is intended, then it ought to be mentioned in the description of the Siphoning policy. My guess is that it isn't intended. It's hard to be sure from looking at the code -- the necrocorn-related code is pretty convoluted and not commented much so it's not obvious what its intent is. (Possibly related: "Siphoning policy not working?", which is the reason for the cautious "I assume"s above. Definitely not the same issue as I'm describing, though.)

Furthest Ring reset
I generally haven't stayed logged into the game, as I take care of backups on my own. My last cloud save was over a year ago, so it was probably then that I last was logged in. Just for curiosity I did today and checked the Furthest Ring, and all my values were null again. This has happened a few times over the years, and I know there has never been much to do there yet, so it never was a big deal as I never had more than a few hundred of each resource before I gave up and waited for more updates to it. I had a few questions about it: Can anything be done to keep progress over the long term? Has anything updated with it over the past year or is it still just the few commands in the help dialogue? I think the Mine building was there last time, but I don't think it worked back then and it doesn't seem to be working now, is that accurate or am I not using it right? Lastly, in the help dialogue it says my version under clientState is null, does that mean that the most recent update might have messed things up as it isn't recognized? I am on v1.4.9.3.r1326 which should be the newest as I just refreshed the page this morning.

Noob questions about dead kittens and restarting the game
Hi all. Just discovered this game a couple of days ago and trying to understand some things. I checked out the wiki and either I'm not understanding or I'm looking in the wrong place. I see on the achievement list "Winter is coming" have 10 dead kittens. Is that total (could I have a max of 2 kittens and have one of them die and revive ten times) or at one time (need at least 10 and have them all die before reviving)? Second question - I see a lot of talk about restarting the game. Is there a specific need to restart every so often or is it just to reset when things aren't going your way? Thanks

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Energy Deficit / Pollution
I recently started playing again. Is the Energy wall a reset point, or have I missed a manageable way to have everything on? Also pollution reduction when everything is on / up? I have my kittens living in 1,881 ppm pollution and that's with 90% of things being off.

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