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Positive energy only really matters for Antimatter. Since you asked I’m assuming you are not far enough in Space/Challenge runs/Religion to have unlocked the ways to make energy management much easier.

For pollution, I like having it at 0, but realistically, I know that I’m heavily gimping my production by doing so.

All hail the server save!
Earlier today I cleared the Cookies and Site Data in browser without thinking much of it. Turns out that (of course) nuked my local save. Good thing I had absently minded made a server save just this morning. Stay safe out there and praise the sun, my fellow kittens!

@KseliatoGeneralTC Combustion on Android

You need the Chronoforge workshop upgrade. It’s a few levels deep into particle/time research.

E: Also you are at your first few TCs. Maybe ignore your knowledge about being able to combust them eventually and just play the game for now to avoid spoilers. You’ll need at least 40 for science (+a handful of relics) if you beeline to unlock Chronoforge, but there are a few very nice upgrades along the way you might wanna pick up first. Spoilers ahead:


Making TC combustion useful takes in the order of several thousands of TCs to set up. Not going into detail now, you’ll figure it out in due time :)

Amazing. Your storage is ~20 times mine (because 20 times higher burned paragon) but your buildings are only ~20% higher because exponential costs. Overall your redmoon unob prod is ‘only’ around twice as high as mine. The largest advantage of your state is because of challenges, predominantly Black Sky, with which you basically get 4 times more through trading. Therefore, while I agree that OP needs some more Paragon to get things running, I wouldn’t underestimate the usefulness of challenges and Crypotheology, which in turn needs TT to unlock the juicy Blazars and Dark Novae. @OP: Before going deep, be smarter than me and do 1000 years once for the reduced heat. So get at least TT15 and aim for 5-10k (burned, once you hit year 40k) paragon before trying to go deep.

I mean, the source code is pretty clear that it is how it is written on the wiki. If you have more than 50 Karma you get 25 times your karmakittens or 25 times 25k, whichever is lower. Otherwise (i.e. less than or equal 50 Karma) you get 5k karmakittens.


Pollution per tick is rounded up. Try game.bld.cathPollutionPerTick to see the true value.

It’s that time of the year again - Eldermass present advice
The consensus seems to be to take Transcendence to get from TT10 to 14. That's what I did 2yrs ago, getting close to TT24 now. In the late game Compendia seem the way to go, to boost your science to insane levels. Which sounds nice, but I don't have enough Chronospheres for that yet. Last year I was in a strange game state because of a true 40k run, so I picked burned paragon. Due to limited time to play actively, that run is still ongoing (true year 56442 atm :D), but I plan to reset soonish. So, my question now is: What's the best mid-game pick? I'm considering: * 1500 burned paragon again sounds solid, I'm at roughly 500/4600 (with another 1k+ after reset) * I'm at 90k Karmakittens, so another 25*25k = 625k would also make a difference (roughly +344 Karma, which currently sits at only around 180). But then again, happiness (900%-ish) is not super important at this stage, since it does not affect space. Could help with religion though. Everything else seems irrelevant (e.g. +2k TC, when I have many tens of millions) or impossible (e.g. Metaphysics, which are already unlocked). Unless there is some obvious choice I'm overlooking.