I’ve played for years, and given up quite a few saves, only to come back and start over many times. Although I’ve reset many times in the past, I’ve purged my runs and started over every few years. This time I’ve been going on and off for 10 months off of a fresh new game. This time I might actually be at it for real.

I have questions about RR, TCs, and maybe more.

TT 13 RR 7 Unob: 163.53/s with festivals Relics: 12.71/day Reset: 14 Paragon: 1295 Burned P: 106 37 Markers /8 pyramids Lev Energy: 89/199

And I feel TCs are too slow. I can burn 45 TCs and trade around 3 TCs per trade, so I am profiting, getting around 210 TCs for ~350k Unob (69 trade caravans). Relics aren’t the problem. I don’t think Paragon is the problem. Storage and production from Paragon might be the problem, but I don’t quite believe it. You can refine TCs into relics, but that isn’t helpful when I don’t have enough TCs but seemingly plenty of relics.

Any advice?


There are lots of things that will improve as your game progresses, and they combine with one another. I’ll compare your current situation with mine – my game is a lot further along than yours – not to make you feel bad but to give some idea of how much things can change.

First, the summary. I may have forgotten some things. The summary of the summary is: it’s mostly paragon and cryptotheology. (And the fact that cryptotheology is useful is why you don’t really have “plenty of relics” yet :-).)

  • Paragon + burned paragon + cryptotheology (Event Horizons) -> big storage increases, meaning:
    • more loutposts for base unob production
    • more factories, elevators, and arrays for better space production bonus
    • more breweries for better festival bonuses
    • more markers and more tradeposts for better returns on levi trade
  • Cryptotheology (Blazars) -> more effective RR.
  • Cryptotheology (Black Nexus) -> more effective TC-to-relic conversion.
  • Cryptotheology (Black Core) -> higher BLS cap -> more pyramids -> more effective TC-to-relic conversion.
  • Challenges: Pacifism for more effective trade, and Black Sky for more levi energy per marker.
  • Temporal flux and void (both of which are infuriatingly slow to collect at first) -> with Chronosurge, can run with “Tempus Fugit” on all the time, for a 1.5x gain in everything.

OK, now some actual numbers. Again, the point isn’t “hahaha, my numbers are bigger than yours”; your numbers will get bigger, and plenty of people have bigger numbers than mine. The point is to give some idea of how things scale.

In my current run I’m a long way into the “Dark Future” so almost all my paragon is burned: I have about 84k bp and about 1250 unburned from time passing on the current run. I also have 110 Event Horizons. My wood cap is about 540G, letting me build 59 breweries for an unob festival bonus of +218% in Redmoon. My uranium cap is about 7G, letting me build 147 loutposts. My titanium cap is about 38G, letting me build 273 factories and 113 space elevators. I get a +5652% space production bonus; my net unob rate in Redmoon is about 3800/s, somewhere on the order of 20x your figure.

I have 339 tradeposts (plus the effect of several Pacifism completions) and 101 markers. Levi energy is maxed at 1065 (this would be 2x lower if it weren’t for ten Black Sky completions). A single trade caravan (5k unob) gets me about 45 TCs, so about 15x what you get.

And of course the much faster rate of TC production means that I can afford to buy more levels of RR; I’m on RR45 versus your RR7, meaning something like a 6x improvement in unob production through time travel – except that I also have 100 Blazars, which I think means that my RR is 3x as effective as it would be without them.

So if my calculations are right I’m getting TCs at something like 20 x 15 x 18 x your rate. And then I’m turning those into relics much faster because I have (110 Black Cores, hence) more pyramids and 116 Black Nexus. I have 24 BPs, and your first Black Sky challenge completion effectively gives you one more. So each 25 TCs turn into 1+BPxBN = 1+25x116 = 2901 relics.

My prescription: More paragon. Also, more paragon. Once you’re able to generate relics at a fair rate, cryptotheology. At some point, do some challenges.


Amazing. Your storage is ~20 times mine (because 20 times higher burned paragon) but your buildings are only ~20% higher because exponential costs. Overall your redmoon unob prod is ‘only’ around twice as high as mine. The largest advantage of your state is because of challenges, predominantly Black Sky, with which you basically get 4 times more through trading. Therefore, while I agree that OP needs some more Paragon to get things running, I wouldn’t underestimate the usefulness of challenges and Crypotheology, which in turn needs TT to unlock the juicy Blazars and Dark Novae. @OP: Before going deep, be smarter than me and do 1000 years once for the reduced heat. So get at least TT15 and aim for 5-10k (burned, once you hit year 40k) paragon before trying to go deep.


Yeah, I might be underestimating the importance of the challenges: I haven’t done the calculations for those. Very good point on 1k, too.

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