I’ve played for years, and given up quite a few saves, only to come back and start over many times. Although I’ve reset many times in the past, I’ve purged my runs and started over every few years. This time I’ve been going on and off for 10 months off of a fresh new game. This time I might actually be at it for real.

I have questions about RR, TCs, and maybe more.

TT 13 RR 7 Unob: 163.53/s with festivals Relics: 12.71/day Reset: 14 Paragon: 1295 Burned P: 106 37 Markers /8 pyramids Lev Energy: 89/199

And I feel TCs are too slow. I can burn 45 TCs and trade around 3 TCs per trade, so I am profiting, getting around 210 TCs for ~350k Unob (69 trade caravans). Relics aren’t the problem. I don’t think Paragon is the problem. Storage and production from Paragon might be the problem, but I don’t quite believe it. You can refine TCs into relics, but that isn’t helpful when I don’t have enough TCs but seemingly plenty of relics.

Any advice?


Amazing. Your storage is ~20 times mine (because 20 times higher burned paragon) but your buildings are only ~20% higher because exponential costs. Overall your redmoon unob prod is ‘only’ around twice as high as mine. The largest advantage of your state is because of challenges, predominantly Black Sky, with which you basically get 4 times more through trading. Therefore, while I agree that OP needs some more Paragon to get things running, I wouldn’t underestimate the usefulness of challenges and Crypotheology, which in turn needs TT to unlock the juicy Blazars and Dark Novae. @OP: Before going deep, be smarter than me and do 1000 years once for the reduced heat. So get at least TT15 and aim for 5-10k (burned, once you hit year 40k) paragon before trying to go deep.


Yeah, I might be underestimating the importance of the challenges: I haven’t done the calculations for those. Very good point on 1k, too.

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