I took a look at my Religion tab just now and saw this:

Necrocorn deficit: 0.002. Due to the deficit your pacts have 0% effectivness. Deficit is consuming additional 19.32% of necrocorns per day and is deminishing 0.000946 per day (if you have enough necrocorns).

“Your pacts have 0% effectiveness”. Uh-oh.

Fortunately, what’s going on here is that normally when this message is displayed that number is negative and nonzero, so you get something like “your pacts have -1% effectiveness”. But in my case the necrocorn deficit is nonzero but very small, so the message gets displayed but the number rounds to zero and displays as “0%”.

I suggest putting the minus sign in the text and doing the calculation without it, so that in my case it would say “-0%” whose meaning would be clearer. Or: “… your pacts’ effectiveness is reduced by …%” (again, with the positive rather than negative value).

(Also: “effectiveness” not “effectivness”, and “diminishing” not “deminishing”, but obviously those are superficial details and don’t do any harm. But if bloodrizer thinks the problem here worth fixing, those might as well get fixed at the same time.)


Noted, thank you.

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