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What to do after eludium huts
I'm on my 4th run. In the previous one I did the reset after eludium huts and now I have 198 stored paragon (and 168 paragon from my current kittens). Just unlocked eludium huts again, and things seem to start getting pretty slow and a bit confusing. I'm not sure what to do next. Should i push this run towards time crystals/relics (how?)? Or should i reset and do another quick run to build up paragon for new metaphysics? I understand that space manufacturing is a very important upgrade, but reaching the 125k titanium cap seems almost impossible on this run unless I plan to keep playing for a long time before the next reset. Here's the situation: https://imgur.com/a/fLavPOA I'm looking for advice on what to focus on now. What are the mid and end goals for this run? Also, - Available metaphysics: should i buy some of them? - Bonfire: there's a lot of stuff that I could potentially improve, but I'm not sure where should I invest my resources. I need steel and titanium for space buildings, so buying magnetos, factories, accelerators and similar structures would slow down space development. - Upgrades: a bunch of them are available but they don't seem to be useful right now, am I doing it wrong? - Religion: should I do a mid-reset now?