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I am very smart
I just now realized that the "observe" button isn't to observe the things that have happened/event history, but to observe the rare astronomical event... only took me till SETI research to realize.

Bloodrizer Appreciation post
Just wanted to say your game is sick as hell, and you're super awesome for taking time out of your day to answer my previous (hopefully not too common) question!

toGeneral"Maximums" of things

Shoot, I mispelled “storage facility”, I understood that whole concept, but based on your reply I can assume there’s no “hard max”, and the only thing to stop me from building more buildings is the time it takes to build more storage buildings?

“Maximums” of things
So I'm a very VERY new player if skimming some other things is anything to go by (and I'm going to try and stop that now, too many spoilers :( ), but I keep reading about this "maximum", and I was wondering what it is? I'm almost to concrete huts, and I've read that's pretty decent reset time, so I was wondering how do I tell when I'm at the "max"?I know about resource limits, I mean obviously, but what's to stop me from building more store facilities? Is there a "hard" max on buildings?