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I’m stuck in space on the first run - what should I do?
I know many people restart, but I've read that with patience it should be possible on the first run. Here are some screenshots, does anyone have any tips for me on how to proceed? Above all, there is a lack of science so that I can expand the anti-matter. https://ibb.co/0Qqg91y https://ibb.co/xX1JsHw https://ibb.co/2dDC7qQ https://ibb.co/mCTkVcG https://ibb.co/4PXRVp2 https://ibb.co/4fJLprd https://ibb.co/2ySkMR1 https://ibb.co/L8V7dvb https://ibb.co/s5vdnCY

lost in space - how do i get relics?
I have now arrived in the year 6220 (first round) and now need relics. I know the wiki entry https://wiki.kittensgame.com/en/general-information/resources/relic of course, but Leviathans do not appear because of the preconditions. I can't refine them from 25 time crystals either. Can someone please give me a hint what I can do to get ahead. ![](https://forum.kittensgame.com/pictrs/image/698624a4-bad7-4392-94ff-e17a5661776a.png) ![](https://forum.kittensgame.com/pictrs/image/ace97f63-d744-427b-8ebc-2e5d12102c2d.png) ![](https://forum.kittensgame.com/pictrs/image/91c16695-ad90-45e4-8f01-eae52b70c489.png) ![](https://forum.kittensgame.com/pictrs/image/49cdcebe-0507-4ff3-81b1-5d427c5f4ec4.png) ![](https://forum.kittensgame.com/pictrs/image/4a5635b2-53cc-464b-8eb8-825b6085ff12.png) ![](https://forum.kittensgame.com/pictrs/image/c1dea196-de64-47d6-8e61-de2d5cfdc8d9.png) ![](https://forum.kittensgame.com/pictrs/image/50c52dd8-a631-414c-a8f6-6cd98d9826ea.png)