I’ve hit 500 years on the 1000 year challenge and can’t figure out how to progress. I’ve got 750 time crystals from earlier runs, but I can’t figure out how to shatter them - I wasn’t given the option to build Ziggurats anymore when I reset into the challenge. I can’t make relics or trade with the Leviathans to get relics. How do I research Tachyon Theory and Chronoforges?


Isn’t there a “Refine TC” button on the Religion page, for you? It lets you turn time crystals into relics (by default at the rate of 25 TC = 1 relic, so 1 for Tachyon Theory + 5 for Chronoforge means 6 relics = 150 TC, so you’ll still have 600 left over).

So far as I know (but I haven’t e.g. checked the code) doing the 1000Y challenge doesn’t stop you building ziggurats. Have you crafted some megaliths and got Construction? (I know I’ve at least once thought “huh, where has the ziggurat button gone?” because I hadn’t made any megaliths.)

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