F.A.Q. v3 (Read me first)

How do I…

Please start from the wiki page. It has information about pretty much every aspect of the game.

The game does not work in a background tab

Please make sure ‘web workers’ option is on.

How am I doing in this game? Am I slow?


My smelters are not working

Turn them on by pressing “+”. Smelter button should lit green.

Theology and Navigation require way too much culture

You don’t need to have all of this culture at the same time, try crafting more manuscripts.

There is a bug in the …

This is very unlikely.

Offline progression is not working as expected

There is a very good reason why it is hidden and disabled by default.

Please add an option to hide researched religion upgrades


Hunters suddenly reduced my catnip production

Hunters brought rare resources that boosted happiness and overall production at a cost of extra food consumption.

My max science suddenly dropped

You converted all compediums which were giving you +10 science bonus.

When should I reset

You should reset whenever game feels slow. Seriously folks, please stop making those threads.

Why refining catnip is better than woodcutting?

This is a platinum question of the Kittens Game. I wish I could get a buck every time someone asks this. This question was answered probably in the greatest details there

Why huts are giving more space than log houses

Because they cost twice as much.

What is the Iron Will that everyone are talking about?

Smelters are not working in the IW


Why send explorer cost takes 100 catpower instead of 1000?

It takes exactly 1000 catpower and refund you 900 if no one was found.

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