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I believe they will not work without it. The Resonator specifically say every resonator will improve OOTV and trigger OOTV on time skips. They themselves do not provide the bonus.

Essentially it’s to migrate workers from miner/woodcutter onto other jobs as you get further into the game.

Combustion is better printing press, robotics is energy, rockets to travel, then nuclear. That’s the order i’d do it. biology i believe helps oil and science growth / production. Ignore metaphysics and cryptotheology for now.

Ok thank you.

Energy Deficit / Pollution
I recently started playing again. Is the Energy wall a reset point, or have I missed a manageable way to have everything on? Also pollution reduction when everything is on / up? I have my kittens living in 1,881 ppm pollution and that's with 90% of things being off.