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I’m several runs deep, ~1k paragon, ~1k burned, last run was my first year 40k+ run, and I’ve mostly ignored challenges because I wasn’t sure when to do them. I’m planning to start working through them, but I’m concerned about losing the karma I’ve invested in cryochambers so far. Most challenges mention putting chronosphere resources in reserves, will kittens from cryochambers also go there, and will I still get broken cryochambers? Also as far as iron Will goes, does that challenge have any permanent impact on the game? I’ve heard of zebras you can attract during that challenge, will they stick around during the main game? nay advice would be appreciated.

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Zebras can stick around if you have the appropriate Metaphysics, but they’re not that useful, so Iron Will is more for the challenge the reward.

As for the other challenges, they have both a one-time reward and a smaller increasing reward accompanied by increasing challenge on repeated runs.

Worthwhile first-time rewards are Anarchy, Atheism and 1000 Years. They have OK increasing rewards also.

Winter Is Coming isn’t all that great of a reward for either first time or increasing, but it’s not that hard to do, either.

Energy’s first time reward is useless, but increasing reward is pretty good. Post Apocalypse, Pacifism, and Black Sky’s increasing rewards are ok.

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