I want to be able to beat the game with only 1st run without resetting. Is that possible? What can’t I do without resetting? I am sure by playing long enough, you can get most of the stuff (except karma?) I think the game needs to be designed so that you can do everything (get all the resource types) without resetting. If Karma can’t be got unless you have to reset, then it needs to be added in as an unlock on the “first run”. resetting is like dying, you don’t want people to die to be able to get to the next stage, as that would be bad.


How about this… after reaching the Furthest Ring, you can make some karma via some command. This will allow people to get more Karma before resetting or build more cryo-chambers before resetting. You can also make a new achievement where you save all your kittens during a reset (for peace lovers).

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