IOS IPad significant digits/GUI

A suggestion—I find it hard to see all the relevant info in the left pane due to all the sig figs, even using the low precision option. The production rate is not visible for all the resources. The attached pic uses normal font size with the Inverted theme. It seems unnecessary to show 2 decimal places for resources that are measured in the thousands and fewer decimals would free up more space in that pane.

Alternatively, the left pane could be made wider to accommodate. The right pane seems wider than necessary—there is a lot of empty space on the buttons and descriptions, so I think that pane could be somewhat narrower.

A third option could be to have an option of a 2 or 3 character abbreviation of the resources to free up some space. We who have been playing a long time know them by their position and color mainly.


AI Core

UPD: should be live on latest android beta

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