chronosurge help?

so I’ve been tentatively figuring all this chrono whatsit out with a lot of help from the wiki and google. but I am completely lost on the chronosurge option. particularly how you’re supposed to be able to restart it immediately on the next run? I know the wiki says it needs 750 void to purchase it, but it doesn’t say anything about pre-reqs, so does it just show up when I have the void and flux? and the thing that raises your max flux, if I’m understanding it correctly, is part of the chrono purchases, which reset every run, so if you have more than the max stocked up as long as you don’t have it turned on, you won’t lose the points?

so basically, if i’m understanding it right, chronospheres, (with the minimum of resources coming with), void, TCs, and relics would all need to be pretty well stocked up before this becomes even vaguely pertinent? because right now I’m still at a level where I can get relic stations… but it takes me 3 rl days to get there ^^; and I think void also resets? so would chronospheres bring back the void and unobtanium and other such things as well? (or did I just accidentally spend all my void without noticing? >>')

if I’m not totally off the mark here, then how many chronospheres per run would I really want to have as an easy grab before I start considering this set up? at the moment I’m kinda playing with some of the easier challenges, and using them as paragon grabs as well. if it matters, I’ve currently got almost 2k burned paragon and just over 700 regular, and I’ve been resetting every time I feel like I hit a wall, which is netting me around 400-450 paragon a run…

thanks much!~


I just realised that one of my earlier calculations was kinda wrong. I said that you need (# furnaces) times (# chronospheres) to be at least 500 if you want to be able to run Tempus Fugit all the time, but if you’ve done the 1000 Years challenge (which you should) then the amount of heat generated by a timeskip is halved, so the figure is 250 not 500.

My paragon runs are fairly quick (partly because I’ve got a pile of paragon, cryptotheology, etc., to speed them up) but I find them pretty boring even so. My usual rhythm in between relic runs is: challenge, paragon, paragon, challenge, paragon, paragon. Usually a challenge run leaves me in a situation where I either have or can quickly get a reasonable amount of unobtainium, FluxCond and a few chronospheres, so doing a couple of paragon-grinding runs afterwards is natural.

(I have a home-grown autoclicker. I’m pretty sure it’s a lot less fancy than Kitten Scientists – deliberately so, because I want to feel that the machine is just doing the routine scutwork for me and all the decisions are mine, though I feel less bad about having the machine make the decisions when I’ve told it exactly how to make them.)

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