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q: in kittens game, bloodrizers incremental game, why is reseting with one chronosphere bad and can the bad thing ve mitigated later during same run?

a: In the game Kittens Game, the decision to reset with only one Chronosphere is generally considered suboptimal because it doesn’t provide significant benefits compared to resetting without using a Chronosphere. The Chronosphere is an item that allows you to carry over a small portion of your resources and technology when you reset the game. However, using just one Chronosphere doesn’t grant you substantial advantages in subsequent runs, and it consumes a valuable resource to obtain.

The purpose of using Chronospheres is to enable players to progress faster and more efficiently in subsequent runs by carrying over accumulated resources and knowledge. Players typically aim to acquire multiple Chronospheres before resetting, as each additional Chronosphere provides a greater multiplier effect on resources carried forward.

While using only one Chronosphere may not have significant benefits within the same run, it’s important to note that the game is designed to encourage multiple runs and iterative progress. Each subsequent run allows you to accumulate more resources, unlock new upgrades, and advance further than the previous run. As you acquire more Chronospheres in subsequent runs, you can mitigate the perceived drawback of a single Chronosphere reset and make faster progress in the long term.

Ultimately, the decision to use Chronospheres and when to reset is a strategic choice that depends on your playstyle and goals within the game. It’s worth experimenting and finding the most effective approach that suits your preferences and progression strategy.

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It’s generally wrong, as you’d expect chatgpt to be. The reason you don’t want to have one chronosphere is because of how temporal paradoxes happen: every year, you get an X chance of one happening, where X is your # of chronospheres. So if you have only one, you’re literally waiting to roll a 1% chance.

If you have 3 it’s a 3% chance, which is incredibly faster. ChatGPT doesn’t know about this specific mechanic, but is generally good at bullshitting about how “getting more is more” in incremental games.

To be fair, the question is also somewhat off - the problem isn’t resetting with one, as it is building one and triggering the first temporal paradox without having a few, or however many you can build. Resetting with one is also less good than multiple, but people don’t usually do that by accident. It’s easy to only build one at a time and not know it’ll set back your void production.

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