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Edit: screenshots kittensgame.png

I’m a little bit lost on what I should do next. I’m currently just letting the game run to farm relics to buy things from Cryptotheology.

Should i farm paragon up a certain amout? If so, how much? Should I get more burned paragon or just buy the remaining metapysics? Or repeat challenges?

I couldn’t find a guide that helps me here. According to Sagefault’s Endgame Guide I’m in mid game somewhere between “Type 1: Relics Stations” and “Type 2: Shatter Engine”, but it doesn’t describe how to get there.

My current stats:

Paragon: 4935

Burned Paragon: 373

Transcendence: 17

Black Obelisk: 60

Black Nexus: 35

Black Core: 25

Event Horizon: 29

Black Libary: 32

Black Radiance: 9

Blazar: 6

I bought all metaphysics up to Yesod (next would be Hod) and I did all challenges once.

AI Core


Your unobtainium production in the screenshot is 35.73 per tick (200ms), so you are producing ~178.65 per second. At some point, you changed the option in settings to show per-tick values everywhere, instead of (usually) per-second values.

The visual indication of this difference is that the change values are unitless (+35.73) rather than including the time unit (+178.65/s).

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