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I’m a little bit lost on what I should do next. I’m currently just letting the game run to farm relics to buy things from Cryptotheology.

Should i farm paragon up a certain amout? If so, how much? Should I get more burned paragon or just buy the remaining metapysics? Or repeat challenges?

I couldn’t find a guide that helps me here. According to Sagefault’s Endgame Guide I’m in mid game somewhere between “Type 1: Relics Stations” and “Type 2: Shatter Engine”, but it doesn’t describe how to get there.

My current stats:

Paragon: 4935

Burned Paragon: 373

Transcendence: 17

Black Obelisk: 60

Black Nexus: 35

Black Core: 25

Event Horizon: 29

Black Libary: 32

Black Radiance: 9

Blazar: 6

I bought all metaphysics up to Yesod (next would be Hod) and I did all challenges once.

AI Core


My unobtainium production outside of Redmoon is +34.87

The guide says:

Type 2: Shatter Engine

Once you can get a hundred unobtainium per second (outside of the redmoon cycle), it’s time to switch engines.

I’m nowhere near that. I’ve currently maxed out all Cath, Redmoon and Dune buildings. Other relavant buildings like Orbital Array/Cryo Stations need all like 340k eludium for the next one. Getting to +100 unobtainium production seems like a massive step and it seems I’m missing something.

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