“Local” wiki login?

Over on the wiki, if you try to sign in you get three options: “Google”, “Discord”, and “Local”. The last of those wants an email address and password.

I try to minimize my use of federated logins, because I don’t want to give the likes of Google any more information than I have to. But the “Local” option seems to assume that I already have email/password credentials and I don’t see a “sign up” option.

Maybe it takes the same email/password as the forum? But when I signed up for the forum I didn’t provide an email address, and if I try to add one now then the “Add” button displays a please-wait spinner that appears to just spin for ever. So I can’t test that.

Is there a way to sign up to log in to the wiki without using Google or Discord?


Local login assumes confirmation email for which sendmail server has to be set up to send verification link. It is something that I did not yet done and that might simply not work reliably in the modern age, therefore local is reserved for hardcoded credentials like admin accounts.

I am planning to support KGNet credentials as a sort of single sign on, but it will require firebase authentication module that wikijs does not yet support. Discord and Google are currently the only providers that are easy to setup and does not require much effort to maintain.


Thanks for the explanation!

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