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Its so cool. Maybe sometime I will be the one who discovers a mechanic you developers built into the game!

Missing “documentation”
At first I want to say: I love this game. I am playing it for years now (with long pausings), and dont feel I am near to finishing it. But the game still seems to be a WIP. This is not a critic to the developers. The web version is for free and I payed around 3€ for mobile... Totaly worth it! The thing that "bugs" me the most is that on some mechanics there dont seem to be any explanation. The descriptions are sometimes unclear or just "tbd". The wiki also seems to lack a deeper explanation. The most useful way is to read reddit posts. And then I am asking myself: How the fuck do they know these things? xD This post is no "make a better documentation"-post. I just want to discuss this with you guys and want to here your thoughts about it :D

toGeneralRelics per day

Also it seems to be not affected from time skipping (at leas at my point).

Thanks for the reply. I was just wondering if there is an important mechanic I am missing.

Relics per day
I have finally gotten the relic station upgrade and was scared that the production was displayed as "per day". But it is ingame day and not real time day. But why? We have per second for everything and per hour for alicorns. Both are related to real time. An ingame day is about a second. So why is it not just displayed as "per second"?