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That makes sense, thank you!

Best for trading for blueprints
Is your chance at obtaining blueprints from trades affected by which species you're trading with or their friendliness/hostility level with you, or is it just tradeposts that influence that percentage?

I’ll look into doing challenges once I feel compelled to - right now I think I’m just enjoying learning how the game changes and accelerates with resets as I’m only on my third run.

I was going to ask if there was a list anywhere of how the challenges affect later runs, but I just found it on the wiki!

Thanks, and have a good one!

Do challenges have an impact on later runs?
I'm on my second run (currently in my last population push before resetting) and saw a post about recommended challenge orders that said that some challenges were beneficial to do first. If I end up doing challenges, what's a good order to do them in and how do they impact each other?

Thank you!

Which tech to unlock next?
I'm on my second run and I'm deciding whether to unlock Combustion, Robotics, Nuclear Fission, or Rocketry next. Here's everything I have as a research option: the above plus Metaphysics, Biology, and Cryptotheology. ![](https://forum.kittensgame.com/pictrs/image/79083f5e-d309-4a62-bff0-7f9cf15e481b.png)

Thank you for the reply! I’ll probably go with Cultural Exchange and Extravagance then.

Thanks for the link as well. There was something on there that I didn’t understand earlier: what does it mean when it says to cap a specific type of building? (“Rule 1: Always cap workshops.”) I understand what it means for a resource to be capped but not a building.

Also: this game rules. I’ve got a pretty short attention span and I’ve been really into the progression and unlocking new things since my friend recommended it to me. I pretty much either lose interest in something in a day or I get obsessed with it, and I think I know which one this is!

First run policy questions
Hello! I got into the game a couple weeks ago when an online friend recommended it as a distraction as I pulled an all-nighter following a break-in attempt just in case they tried again. (Long story.) I love it! Thank you bloodrizer for making such an intricate game. I've been checking the wiki for some things and letting myself be surprised by others. Here are my questions: 1. Long-ish term, would it be better to go with Knowledge Sharing or Cultural Exchange for my first run? I'm guessing Cultural Exchange since you can always reassign kittens to be scholars to increase the science rate, but it's hard imagine worrying about my culture rate since it's at +37.88/sec right now and it doesn't seem to be used for as many things compared to science. 2. Carnivale or Extravagance? And more specifically: why does kitten arrival speed matter? Carnivale boosts arrival speed, but that doesn't seem worth the cost of increasing luxury consumption so I was just going to go with Extravagance. 3. For Zebra Relations, does Appeasement or Bellicosity make for a smoother first run? I was going to go with Bellicosity since I'm almost to the point where I can manufacture titanium instead of having to trade for it. Policy selections up until this point: Liberty, Republic, Diplomacy, Epicurianism, Mysticism, and Environmentalism. Thank you!