I’m not sure what happened but I looked up at my energy production today and I have a -75% production bonus and a deficit of 15.68 KILOWATTS. I can’t seem to clear the debuff and have no idea what caused it? I’m sort of mid-game in this reset, saving antimatter for relic stations…but I can’t make antimatter with such a huge energy deficit.


Doesn’t look much like it from the save they shared. Only one AI core, 12.44K gigaflops.

@argonplatypus I’m pretty sure I know what’s happened but I don’t know how or why.

You had 186 warehouses. Somehow these got upgraded to 186 spaceports. Spaceports are very energy-expensive, more so when you have more of them.

I’m guessing that somehow you switched from a version of the game without spaceports to a version with spaceports and something got confused.

Anyway, there’s probably a better way to do it, but here is a nasty hacky way to fix it if the situation is still ongoing:

Open up the web developer tools in your browser and find the Javascript console. In it, type the following:

s = game.save(); s.buildings[11].stage = 0; game.saveImportDropboxText(game.compressLZData(JSON.stringify(s)), function() {})

This should turn your spaceports back into warehouses.

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