Furthest Ring reset

I generally haven’t stayed logged into the game, as I take care of backups on my own. My last cloud save was over a year ago, so it was probably then that I last was logged in. Just for curiosity I did today and checked the Furthest Ring, and all my values were null again. This has happened a few times over the years, and I know there has never been much to do there yet, so it never was a big deal as I never had more than a few hundred of each resource before I gave up and waited for more updates to it.

I had a few questions about it: Can anything be done to keep progress over the long term? Has anything updated with it over the past year or is it still just the few commands in the help dialogue? I think the Mine building was there last time, but I don’t think it worked back then and it doesn’t seem to be working now, is that accurate or am I not using it right? Lastly, in the help dialogue it says my version under clientState is null, does that mean that the most recent update might have messed things up as it isn’t recognized? I am on v1.4.9.3.r1326 which should be the newest as I just refreshed the page this morning.

AI Core

It’s a makeshift database that overflows over the time and I never managed to fix it. Once it overflows, I had to wipe it, or server goes down (Coincidence, this happened today). I will try to prioritize this and flesh it out a bit cause its a bit embarrassing.


Awesome! I was just curious, thanks.

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