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Furthest Ring reset
I generally haven't stayed logged into the game, as I take care of backups on my own. My last cloud save was over a year ago, so it was probably then that I last was logged in. Just for curiosity I did today and checked the Furthest Ring, and all my values were null again. This has happened a few times over the years, and I know there has never been much to do there yet, so it never was a big deal as I never had more than a few hundred of each resource before I gave up and waited for more updates to it. I had a few questions about it: Can anything be done to keep progress over the long term? Has anything updated with it over the past year or is it still just the few commands in the help dialogue? I think the Mine building was there last time, but I don't think it worked back then and it doesn't seem to be working now, is that accurate or am I not using it right? Lastly, in the help dialogue it says my version under clientState is null, does that mean that the most recent update might have messed things up as it isn't recognized? I am on v1.4.9.3.r1326 which should be the newest as I just refreshed the page this morning.

Apparently I was the one who misunderstood it. My brain misplaced where the parenthesis existed so I read the wiki as I described it, but looking at the code was much more clear, it is as you describe and is a much better bonus. The wiki is also correct, I just made the mistake.

That could potentially be a good idea to go for then. I’m debating going for it as well, as Karma is not something I ever paid much attention to but over the almost decade of playing this game I am only sitting at 600 or so, around 925k karma kittens. It looks like adding 625k karma kittens would only bump me up to about 788 karma, but also that is years upon years of karma. I can get 1500 burned paragon fairly easily by doing one run, but that would require burning all my paragon (around 11k, burned is at 17k). This is kind of a weird choice.

I think you misunderstood the karmakittens option. Since you have 90k karmakittens, you would only get 25k so you would total 115k after. You only get 25 times your karmakittens points if you are under 50 karma.

Yeah it is interesting, I finally checked out the wiki page. I must have always been in the middle or end of a run, so always get burned paragon as far as I recall, except I do remember doing the 4* compendia one time. Looks like if you reset and are careful then you can get pretty much any of the options. None of the others look all that great though.

It’s that time of year where I once again forget where to go to open up the present, and completely forget what was in them. I also don’t really remember getting to choose what was in them, aren’t they sort of based on where you are in the game?

I’ve been playing this game for almost a decade now, and still have to look stuff up sometimes when I forget about it (generally after months mostly idling before resetting.) The wiki is helpful, but as you said doesn’t really explain things so I mostly use reddit. I also sometimes have to go to the old wiki to find things, they might be on the new one but I am a curmudgeon and have trouble getting used to it.

Yep, that’s what I found out. However I think it would have been better without HG at the beginning due to rounding down housing sometimes and the anarchy challenge. I had to sit at 1 hut for a while, since buying the 2nd and 3rd huts didn’t give enough workers to sustain themselves farming. At the fourth hut I finally had 3 workers, which were able to sustain the non working kittens if all 3 were farming. Then I was able to let it sit and build up a catnip store before switching one to woodcutting, running negative on catnip, until I got too low and switching it back. I think with HG off I could have started to do that with the 2nd or 3rd hut. Due to rounding there was always a time that I would get a non working kitten without a paired working kitten due to anarchy. But after that initial part I started getting pastures and it started to not matter anymore. It was fun to go back to actually worrying about catnip for the first time in years.

Apparently I just needed to make this post to finally find what I was missing, it was Holy Genocide. Tested turning it off, but now that I am past the initial hump it is better to have it on, so just leaving it for now. It made the beginning of this game with the three challenges take quite a while, I had to build up a ton of catnip fields and run with just one hut/farmer for a while to build up a catnip store. Then after a few huts I had to balance 3 working cats, switching one of them occasionally to wood while watching the catnip plummet. Probably all things that happen in a completely new game, but it’s been 8 years since I’ve been at that point. Pretty fun.

Hey all, I need some help finding out what I am missing on why my max kittens are lower than normal. I have three challenges active: winter has come, anarchy, and energy. Only half my kittens are working because of anarchy, which makes sense. But I have 8 huts and 14 log houses which should be 30 kittens and my max is only 24. I am not sure what else I have that could be causing it, but something is tickling the back of my brain that I should remember. I just haven't played much over the past few years to remember all the ins and outs of the game and am having trouble searching for info on the wiki.