The consensus seems to be to take Transcendence to get from TT10 to 14. That’s what I did 2yrs ago, getting close to TT24 now. In the late game Compendia seem the way to go, to boost your science to insane levels. Which sounds nice, but I don’t have enough Chronospheres for that yet. Last year I was in a strange game state because of a true 40k run, so I picked burned paragon. Due to limited time to play actively, that run is still ongoing (true year 56442 atm :D), but I plan to reset soonish.

So, my question now is: What’s the best mid-game pick? I’m considering:

  • 1500 burned paragon again sounds solid, I’m at roughly 500/4600 (with another 1k+ after reset)
  • I’m at 90k Karmakittens, so another 25*25k = 625k would also make a difference (roughly +344 Karma, which currently sits at only around 180). But then again, happiness (900%-ish) is not super important at this stage, since it does not affect space. Could help with religion though.

Everything else seems irrelevant (e.g. +2k TC, when I have many tens of millions) or impossible (e.g. Metaphysics, which are already unlocked). Unless there is some obvious choice I’m overlooking.


I’d definitely pick burned paragon. (It’s definitely what I’m planning to do, but my game is quite a bit further along than yours. I’m not much tempted by the compendia option – I’m in mid-relic-run right now, which is where you might expect that to be valuable, and the only thing I care about that’s science-capped is space stations, and a few extra kittens are clearly much less useful than 1500bp.)

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